Collection: Dan Dudley

Dan Dudley views everyday images with a humorous twist. As a child Dan went on watercolor painting field trips with his mother, a serious artist. The landscapes Dan painted always had Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck running through them. After many years of commercial cartooning and animation, Dan is using his twisted view now in ceramics and translating detailed characters into clay. He says it feels like he's telling a story and creating a ceramic illustration.

Dan Dudley hails from "Far East" Texas: Tokyo, Japan. As a Southern Baptist missionary kid in Japan, Dan fell in love with cartoons. He has been cartooning and animating professionally for over 20 years. Ceramics has given him a whole new way of capturing a moment in clay, or as Dan puts it, "dimensional illustration.

Dan creates unique clay objects of fantasy, such as fairy wall plaques and luscious mermaid medallions. Skeleton jugs or "hell fire" chips-and-salsa bowls are filled with whimsy and satire.